Smackdown Live’s WWE Hell in a Cell (Chris Hobbins)

Randy Orton vs Rusev / Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler

 Orton and Rusev are set for a third go-round at WWE Hell in a Cell after a pair of one sided contest that left the superstars with one win a piece. Rusev is looking to make name for himself on the blue brand and need’s this win more than Orton does and it will be interesting to see if WWE books it this way. The good news is this match should be competitive and I expect to see a back and forth battle between these two. I expect to see Aiden English get involved at some point of match.  Prediction: Rusev wins after hitting the Accolade on Orton forcing him to tap out.  

Dolph Ziggler has spent the past couple weeks mocking other wrestler’s entrances in attempt to prove a point that the WWE Universe have continuously chosen extravagant entrances over in-ring abilities as the ultimate measure of what makes a superstar successful. Enter Bobby Roode who is an up-and coming star and has a larger than-life entrance. This past Tuesday on Smackdown Roode confronted Ziggler calling him a hypocrite for blaming the WWE Universe while still seeking their approval at the same time. Roode then challenged The Showoff to a match and he accepted. This match has the potential to steal the show as both men are tremendous in the ring and both share a strong desire for respect. Prediction: This match will be a back and forth contest with Dolph Ziggler hanging on to win after hitting Roode with a Zig Zag.  

Shane McMahon vs Kevin Ownes -** Hell in a Cell match **

Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens’ rivalry has grown extremely personal over the past few weeks which eventually ended to this match being made by Shane’s father WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Mr. McMahon suspended Shane indefinitely after he attacked Kevin Owens in large part to the tension that was brewing between the two. Mr. McMahon then came to an agreement with Kevin Owens that he would have the opportunity to have a match with Shane McMahon inside the Hell in a Cell in which both superstars are familiar with to settle their score. After both parties agreed Owens than crossed the line and attacked Mr. McMahon which made this feud a little more personal. This match has the making of being an all-out slugfest with the heavy chance of blood. And what better type of match to have then having the two locked in the Devil’s playground. Shane although he is not known as an everyday in ring competitor he still knows how to put on a show and is willing to put his body on the line. Shane in the past has climbed to the top of the cell and jump off to hit his opponent with a viscous elbow drop. Kevin Owens on the other hand is a brawler and will back his opponents into the corner and uses his power to his advantage.   Prediction: I am going to go with Kevin Owens winning this contest in which should be one of the better matches of the night. Expect Shane O’ Mac to steal the show with some of his risk-taking moves but they won’t be enough to stop Kevin Owens.   Until next time enjoy the show and let me know what you think will happen this Sunday.  

Natalya © vs Charlotte Flair – Smackdown Women’s Championship match

The “Queen of Hart” Natalya is set to square of the self-proclaimed “Queen” Charlotte Flair in a match that should bring life back into Smackdown women’s division. Flair was out of the picture for a while as she was dealing with her father’s health issues. She returned to TV on the September 19th episode of Smackdown Live in which she won a Fatal 4-Way match between Naomi, Becky Lynch and Tamina. Natalya and Charlotte are no strangers to each other and work well together when in the ring. The two have been fighting for a long time, they fought in 2016 and crossed path at NXT. I expect this match to be a back and forth contest as both are excellent in the ring.  Prediction: Personally, I feel they should let Natalya hold on to the title a little longer and build up this feud. I could see Natalya winning after hitting Flair with a sharpshooter.   

AJ Styles © vs Baron Corbin – United States Championship match

The “Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin vs the “Phenomenal” AJ Styles for the United States Championship should be an intriguing match. Out of of the matches on this card I am very interested in seeing how WWE books this one as at one-point Corbin was starting to receive the coveted ‘push’ WWE Superstars so desperately strive for and won the Money in the Bank Briefcase which virtually guarantees a WWE Championship title reign. Corbin ended up failing to cash in his briefcase with the help from John Cena. Many believe Corbin did something to piss off management and him losing was a form of punishment handed down. To the match Styles is the better in ring performer and has the moves to keep the big man down. Corbin has been criticized for being so one dimensional both in and outside the ring.  Prediction: AJ Styles should be able to retain his title after hitting Corbin with a Styles clash.  

New Day © vs The Uso’s – Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship match ** Hell in a Cell match**

The Uso’s and New Day have been going back and forth ever since the New Day arrived to Smackdown Live and what better way to possibly finish this feud than locking these five guys in the Hell in a Cell and let them tear each other apart. New Day is known for being the longest-reigning Tag Tam Champions in WWE history and will look to hang on to the titles after the Uso’s invoked their rematch clause. I am excited for the match simply because both these teams know how to put on a show and there should be many jumping out of your seat moments with these guys showing they are willing to risk their health from time and time again. Prediction: The New Day will retain their titles because at the end of the day they will have the number advantage.  

Jinder Mahal © vs Shinsuke Nakamura – WWE Title match

Shinsuke Nakamura is hoping things are different this time around when he goes one on one with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal in a rematch from their Summerslam match in which Mahal used help from his associates The Singh Brothers who distracted Nakamura. Ever since Mahal has become champ he has found a way to hold onto this belt for quite some time. The Artist known as Shinsuke Nakamura has been making a name for himself on the main roster ever since getting the promotion from NXT and hopes to cash in on his early success. If WWE doesn’t book this with another interference by the Singh Brothers this match should be entertaining. It would be nice to see Mahal win the title cleanly for once if they do decide to have him hang on to the title. Prediction: I think it’s time for the WWE to surprise us and give Nakamura the title that way it could potentially set up a third match between the two. Nakamura hits Mahal with his finisher after a good back and forth contest.